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26 March 2015 @ 10:40 pm

I guess you're in my page because we share the same fandom, right? Feel free to add, I'd be glad to be considered as your friend. :))
But please keep in mind that I do not want any hate in my f-page whether it's directed toward anyone, since as unfortunate as I am, I already have enough drama in my real life and it sucks. So... see you around~ ;)
10 October 2011 @ 04:23 pm
Hello everyone. If you're here then maybe you already know about the International Music Festival online voting. And yeah basically this is for Jin.

Anyway, so here's a list of the links that are rooting for Jin to win. Instructions are here. Basically you just need to click the links to help others increase their points. The more you click, the more points we get. :)

You have to click these links every now and then. :)

http://imusicfes.com/?usr=551fb - ladymurasaki74
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4f267 - THYlilpuppet
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4f24f - islandgurl704
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=57540 - TENG_AJ
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4f020 - munjawasho
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=48b90 - momotaro704
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4fa60 - rina_monster
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4f723 - luvaknshtroop
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=3fbcc - loyalsubject
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=5637d - aumpineeyw
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=502b1 - misho_jin
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=57ef0 - karenlovesjin
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=583c4 - maripolis
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4ad97 - oblige
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=584e5 - dkluvaj
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=35842 - ghetteal
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=3bd52 - nirhtalc74
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=34f92 - stanime
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=3e1fe - yunkame
imusicfes.com/?usr=4fa60 - danixai
imusicfes.com/?usr=4f7de - myvrocks382
imusicfes.com/?usr=59e97 - JETalk_Crew
imusicfes.com/?usr=5a3e2 - Peor_Q_Tu
imusicfes.com/?usr=57114 - mocona22
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=502ca - yumenohateni
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=39669 - yuyu_jin
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=398f1 - qoqoro
imusicfes.com/?usr=5f31a  - shenny224
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=5703f - eternalja
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=5a8af - JinTaiP_Red
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4570f - you_jinjin
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=3c3e9 - 7269mon
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4a10a - kokojinjin
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=5304d - Eternal_luv74
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=5f153 - mikiyellowgold
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=57e98 - Anniieee_0225
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4e521 - miyuakanish0513
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=35a08 - 5960040709
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=39242 - sweetjinjin
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=518ce - PiZcHa_Aek
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=5371f - dee_chok
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=5df03 - kashiko0704
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=567ea - AKNS_ma
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=3a4ff - pandaismine
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=592d8 - liseti
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=5252b - msKsh5a_x
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=609b4 - dkluvaj
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4fe42 - italina_bella
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4ff28 - tokyolove15
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=63bd1 - dkluvaj
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=5fc3b - d_paramita
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=51ee0 - solo___
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=b4c18 - yourmp3
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=cf7fc - suparups
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=6c6d1 - murasakainix
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=3c77c - midoeru
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=4f908 - lokanishi_
http://imusicfes.com/?usr=6724c - kathilinder

If you know more voters, please do tweet them to @loyalsubject and I will add them in the list though I will have to check their profiles first. So go, tweet and click! See you around! :)

20 May 2011 @ 12:36 am
Yeah, I'm crying, not because of sadness but because of this:

Our boys are awesome, don't you think?
So far this is my favorite in the new single. <3
Keep going, KAT-TUN. I'll be here supporting you no matter what. :)
01 May 2011 @ 11:36 pm
01-13 - stock
14-37 - kat-tun, jin

i'm looking at you in a secret placeCollapse )
01 May 2011 @ 05:03 pm
Hi guys. So yeah, these are rips from Yellow Gold Tour 3011.

Body talk
Christmas Morning
Hey Girl
My Mp3

The Fifth Season
Tipsy Love

Zip for all


My copies arrived so I ripped the other three which weren't uploaded before.
Bass Go Boom
Yellow Gold
Yellow Gold (remix)

The last three aren't in the zip so you have to download them separately. Sorry for that! :)
27 April 2011 @ 10:30 am

Oh god, I love thiis song so much! Will be my favorite for awhile! :)